I’m growing!

Slowly, but surely this baby is growing!

I’m at 24 weeks and by now I’ve felt Baby J kick.  I love the feeling more than I can describe.  I can’t get enough of it so I poke back and wait for a response every time.  I’m just sure we’ll be playing tag soon!  So far, everything is going smoothly and I’m just wondering what’s in store for the rest of this pregnancy.

We still can’t decide on a name.  In fact, we’re kind of at a halt in discussions.  A few of our family members have experienced the excitement err frustration with us while going back and forth.  It’s fun to talk about and throw out ideas, but when one of us doesn’t like the other’s name choice, it can get defeating!

Until next week!


~ by BrittandJJnZ on February 23, 2010.

5 Responses to “I’m growing!”

  1. Awe, you are so beautiful!

  2. Where are you growing?? YOu look so cute BK. You too baby J.

  3. How cute! You look great!!

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