2 DAYS!!


2DAYSby Abizeleth

This is us in Kona. 


I had just gotten a weight dropped on my toe and the pain was shooting up through my leg.  The look on my face is fighting back the vomit that might rise due to shock.  At this point, I was in an extreme sweat and dizziness.  Shortly after, while the instructor was going over the important info before diving, I temporarily lost my hearing and my eyesight when to a bright white.  *I kept telling myself, “Go away from the light, it’s not your time”!  *exaggerated a tad.


Jason’s hiding his casted wrist from a surgery he had just had.  There was no way he was missing a diving trip in Hawaii and he’s just letting us know all is *okay!  *Circle with thumb and index finger is the universal diving signal for “I’m OK”.

Summer 08 137


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