“Celebrate We Will…

Cause life is short but sweet for certain!”  For Braden’s 16th birthday, I bought her and myself tickets to see Dave in Dallas.


We started out Saturday by heading to the mall for a few hours.  We headed back to my house to get ready for the big event.  The rain began!  The rain got stronger!  We got a little nervous that it might possibly get canceled.  The rain continued.  After we used up every last second getting ourselves together, I told Brady that another part of her gift was to stay at the Palomar Hotel in Dallas for the night.  She was excited.  The rain slowed up a little and we were able to get a quick before pic…


We had Jason drive us to Dallas to check into the hotel and we ate dinner at Central 214.  We finished dinner and the rain started up again!

The rain was so strong and the lightening was striking all around us on our way over to the Superpages.com Center.  This is the same night that the Dallas Cowboys dome collapsed.  We paused, got quiet and both of us prayed that the rain would let up to let the show go on.  Not a minute or two later, the rain stopped.  Stopped.  We thanked the Lord and were ready to let the night begin!

“Raaaaiiin, raaaaaiiin, rain down on me
Agaaaaain and agaaaiiiin
Raaaaiiiin dooowwwn ooon meeee”

We made it through the concert without a drop ruining our hair 😉  the patrons on the lawn can’t say the same and I can’t say they minded a bit!


We had our ride (JJ) come get us and drop us at the hotel.  I thought we’d stay up awhile and listen to more DMB but Brady was really tired and there was no way she was staying awake.  Plus a second under the covers in the fabulous bed, and anyone would be out like a light!

The next morning we got up slowly, got around and took some pics around the hotel.











And we had some fun too…


We both have a freckle in our right eye…

Extreme close up…


…she got me back!







~ by BrittandJJnZ on May 2, 2009.

One Response to ““Celebrate We Will…”

  1. Thank God the rain stopped and didn’t mess your hair up and it looks like your sister had the best 16th birthday thanks to her big sister.

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