Happy 4th of July!!!  This is one of my favorite holidays!  Well, actually anything with fireworks would be my favorite holiday!  Seriously, add some fireworks to a little task and bam -it’s a holiday for me!! 

Picture 161a

Independence Day 2008 (as a newly married couple) started out at Ben and Natalie’s!  Our group of work cronies and hubby’s gathered early and had a great cookout!  

I really enjoyed hangin with my favorite little man, Beau!

Picture 045a

Me, the bridesmaids and Beau were in mid swing, which explains our blowing hair and Beau’s expression!  Just kidding, it was actually pretty windy.

Picture 030a

We all have a little need for speed still instilled in us and needed to kill some daylight…

Picture 015a

Picture 072a

Fireworks time!!!  Natalie’s dad so graciously provided more than enough entertainment for us all…

Picture 068a

Picture 128a

Picture 069a

Picture 150a

Oh yeah, we definitley had sparklers!!

Katie is just about 3 months pregnant with little Cody…

Picture 137a

Show us how it’s done!

Picture 163a

Picture 136a

Picture 151a

The next day was spent at the lake with my family.  My cousins joined us and of course we brought along the dawgs! 

Picture 218a

Picture 193a

Brent and Jaklyn got fried and bronzed…

Picture 222a

Picture 237a

Picture 240a

My little bug has to be right where the action is at all times…

Picture 247a

We had too much fun in the sun…I was next! 

Picture 242a

Another fun 4th of July!

Picture 232b


~ by BrittandJJnZ on July 7, 2008.

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